Setting up a Lost Paws Campaign

As a vet, you know how important it is that your patients come in for their checkups and vaccines. When patients either miss or don’t set up essential appointments, not only do pets lose essential care, but you also lose revenue. When it’s been more than a year since you’ve seen a patient, you need to take action. A great way to bring these patients back is through what is commonly referred to as a lost souls, or what we at fetch. call a “lost paws” campaign.

What is a lost paws campaign?

A lost paws campaign is an outbound marketing effort specifically targeting pet parents you haven’t seen in over a year. The goal of the campaign is to get them back in your office for a visit to get their pets some tender, loving veterinary care!

Before you start this type of campaign, it’s important to understand why you might not have seen these pet parents in a while. They may have switched to another vet clinic, or they may not be coming in because of personal reasons, like high costs of care. Your campaign should address these concerns, perhaps not directly but indirectly. If you choose carefully what to say, the underlying message and your concern for the care of their pet will come through.

Here are some messages to include in your campaign:

  • “We’ve missed you!” (Underlying message: We’ve noticed you’re gone. We truly care about our patients as individuals.)
  • “Show us this email before the end of this month to get a 15% discount!” (Underlying message: We want to make your pet’s care affordable for you.)
  • “Exciting things are happening here!” (Underlying message: We are still relevant and interesting.)
  • “This is Dr. [Name] and we noticed [pet’s name] hasn’t been in for a while.” (Underlying message: Our veterinarian is taking the time to reach out personally about your pet.)
  • “Is your pet overdue for an annual vaccine?” (Underlying message: We haven’t seen you in a while and want to help keep your pet happy and healthy.)

Why should you reach out for a lost paws campaign?

The Harvard Business Review reports that “acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one.” In other words, focus on client retention if you want your practice to be successful.

Of course, gaining customers is great if it means your practice is growing. But when you’re working on gaining customers only because you’ve lost customers, that’s an issue. For veterinary practices, losing customers is serious business. Not only does it mean you lose revenue, but it also means you no longer have the privilege of giving your high-caliber care to those pets in your community.

When you lose patients, you also lose positive word-of-mouth from pet parents, which can be so powerful in improving your reputation. And unfortunately, losing patients may also mean you’re getting negative word-of-mouth from any unsatisfied pet parents.

How fetch. can help you find and reach lost paws

At fetch., we provide several tools to help you reach out to the lost paws in your practice, and do it easily and within just a few clicks. Because while it’s worth it to put significant energy into regaining lost paws, veterinarians and their staff  should be able to spend their valuable time caring for pets. That’s why fetch. is here to help.

Reporting Tools

One challenge with a lost paws campaign is finding out who your lost paws even are! In some antiquated reporting tools available in Practice Management Systems such as Cornerstone, Avimark, Infiniti Impromed, and so on, it’s virtually impossible to figure out who your lost paws are.  

Our reporting tools allow you to easily pull up who you haven’t seen in a while from your own personalized dashboard. From there, you can select who you’d like to reach out to. fetch. displays a visually appealing list that is easy to navigate.

You can even divide the lost paws into categories based on why they haven’t come back so your campaigns can be even more personalized. Let’s say a few cat parents have stopped coming to their appointments because they’re having financial difficulties. You could send them a personalized message offering a discount on their cat’s next checkup.

Communication Media

Once you’ve found out who the lost paws are, fetch. can help you set up an outbound campaign that will effectively bring these valuable clients back through your doors. Choosing an appropriate communication medium is key. With our one-of-a-kind communication platform, you can use voice, email, or text (or all three) to reach out to your clients. Our reporting suite (handy here again!) will guide you through the options that work best for your patients.  

Patient Outreach

With fetch., campaigns are easy to implement and can be scheduled within only a few minutes. Whether you are sending messages for lost paws, wellness tips, preventive care, or immunization reminders, you can do it without fuss or worry. Lost paws campaigns could be tricky because of their target audience, and with current practice management systems, it’s nearly impossible to even know where to start! From pulling a list of lost souls to sending tailored reminders, fetch. makes the process simple and straightforward.

But the lost souls campaign isn’t doesn’t end there. fetch. lets veterinarians track who they sent communications to and whether or not these pet parents returned to the practice. This follow up closes the loop on the patient need and also delivers a measurable ROI, which is impossible with other practice management systems and their antiquated, one-size-fits-all reporting tools.

Lost paws campaigns are just what you need to bring back pets you haven’t seen in more than a year. These campaigns help you gain revenue and give care to those pets who would otherwise miss out on the care they need. As veterinarians, all we want is to be able to use our talents and training to care for all our patients. fetch. makes it easier than ever to make this goal a reality.

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