Data Insights You Didn’t Know You Have

If you’ve ever been frustrated with the problems your veterinary practice is facing. We hear you! Whether it be ineffective communication among staff members, the fact that pet parents seem to ignore your reminder emails, or the sheer logistics of keeping track of hundreds of patients’ needs, being in the veterinary business can be stressful!


At fetch., we know that an effective use of data can solve these problems and more. Standard systems don’t tell you a whole lot, but fetch. offers real-time data insights that help you overcome staff, pet parent, and patient troubles.

The Data Insights Some Systems Are Missing

Unfortunately, most reports can only tell you a few things about your practice; there are several crucial things they can’t tell you. We can’t blame the systems themselves; the real problem is that these systems don’t make it easy to enter data in a standard format.


First, they aren’t great at telling you when appointments or vaccines are due.


Let’s say you have three technicians at your practice. Technician Andrew is meticulous, entering in the same vaccines using the correct notation every time. Technician Betsy, on the other hand, enters in those vaccines with slightly different notation, though she is consistent herself. But Technician Conrad is another story: he enters in every vaccine differently every time with no internal or external consistency (let’s say he’s new; we’ll forgive him).


No wonder your system is confused. When data is entered erroneously, how can we expect it to give us useful information? And because the system doesn’t know that Buddy the Chihuahua is due for a checkup, no reminder will be triggered.


Second, most systems aren’t great at telling you when patients have missed these appointments or vaccines because they don’t always have the right reporting tools. Many of these systems don’t allow you to bring up your lapsed patients with one click of a button, and when we consider all the non-standard notations floating around, it’s easy to see why.


Third, hand-made spreadsheet systems may not be great at telling you anything because of human error. Unfortunately, these errors can cause ineffective messages to be sent out—or not sent out at all!


The Data Insights fetch. Offers

Luckily, fetch. can give you all these data insights and then some. How do we do it?


Our key is to analyze data in real time at the transaction level. Instead of relying on preloaded, standard practice reminders, we help our vets use their own data and create reminders that work specifically for their patients.  


Here are some ways we help our vets gain data insights:

  1. We translate PMS data into terms that everyone at your practice can understand and use them consistently.
  2. We identify missed pet care opportunities (like missed appointments or overdue vaccinations) using your patients’ appointment histories.
  3. We use your data to create reminders that will work for your patients and practice.

What You Can Do with All Those Data Insights

Once fetch. helps you understand your data, you have the power to use it. You’re able to compare data from different places, improve staff workflows, identify pet care opportunities, send out more effective reminders, and see how well your reminders are working.


fetch. enables you to compare data from different places easily because our data is normalized – meaning that your data is better organized, more accurate, and less redundant. For example, you’ll be able to compare your bordetella vaccination numbers from last year’s first quarter to this year’s, helping you understand how your efforts in that area have helped you improve.


But our data doesn’t just help your workplace. The fetch. system identifies pet care opportunities you may have been missing before. When you have that data, you are able to act on it, sending out well-timed reminders that have a real impact on the health of your patients — and your bottom line.

Our real-time data insights help you run your vet practice smoothly, allowing you to focus on the joy of caring for the pets. No matter the problem—ineffective communication, ignored reminders, or tedious logistics—fetch. is the solution. Schedule a demo today to learn how data insights by fetch. will help you meet and exceed your practice’s goals.

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