Crucial Reminders and Fun Emails You Need to Be Sending Every Year

Sending emails doesn’t have to be a drag—it can be fun! Light-hearted, regular communication with your pet parents via email can foster loyalty and help you in your mission to give pets the best care possible. For starters, hearing from you will remind your clients that you are there for them. If you send the right kinds of emails, you’ll educate your clients on how to be better pet owners, and your customers will grow to appreciate all you do for them and their best animal friend.

Four Fun Emails

Birthday Wishes

Admit it: even if you’re not a birthday person, you can’t help but grin when people wish you a happy birthday. There’s something special about a day that’s just for you! Incorporate this birthday love into the emails you send to your clients. Sending birthday messages will make you stand out compared to other veterinary practices nearby. Devoted pet parents will love the reminder about their furry family member’s special day. A birthday message can also demonstrate to your clients how much time has passed, and get them thinking about any procedures that might be coming due. This could result in their making an appointment for their pet.


Pet owners are eager to learn how they can better care for their pets. You could email out paragraphs of valuable information, but keep in mind that today’s consumers are increasingly visual. Share some of your specialized knowledge in infographic format! Infographics are fun and pleasing to the eye. And lucky you—you specialize in animals, the Internet’s favorite thing to look at! When done well, infographics can communicate a lot of information without much effort from your busy clients. Infographics will not only entertain your clients, but they can also help them understand and care for their pets better. Win-win. Here are some fun ideas to get you thinking. )

Social Media Campaign Collaboration

When it comes to marketing your veterinary services, consistency is key. Make sure all of your communications and marketing assets tell your story. This means that your communications via social media channels, email correspondences, and printed materials will be most effective if they’re all focusing on the same message. So if you’re advertising a cute pet picture contest via your Instagram account, send your clients an email about it, too. This consistency will help them remember what you’re doing, keep you in mind, and want to be part of your community.  

Customized Fun Emails

Nothing fosters loyalty in your clients like the feeling that you care about them as individuals. Customized emails are a perfect way to do that. Here are a few ideas for the types of emails you could send out:

  • Fun facts about your clients’ type of pet (e.g., cool lizard facts to lizard owners, a list of famous dogs for dog owners, featured cat breeds for cat enthusiasts)
  • Special offers to clients based on how long they’ve been with you (e.g., a free pet accessory next time your new customer comes in, a 24 percent discount on a check up for clients who’ve been with you for 24 months or more)

Four Important Reminders

Appointment Reminders

This one sounds like a no-brainer. But if you’re still sending clients home with nothing but an appointment card to remind them of their pet’s next checkup—and that’s all you do—you might consider changing your ways. A slip of paper is likely to get lost long before a year is up; better to use something your clients never let out of their sight. Like their phone.

In 2015, the average American, checked their phone 46 times per day. And with email alerts, your appointment reminder email will pop on on your client’s phone, and they’ll be much more likely to come. Checkups are vital for maintaining a pet’s health, so make sure you’re helping your clients get to them.

Timely Warnings

As the year rolls around, pets face several dangers that their owners may be unaware of (or may just need to be reminded about). Send timely warnings to your clients to remind them to keep their pets safe. They’ll appreciate knowing you’re looking out for their beloved pet. Some of these warnings might include the following:

  • The dangers of leaving pets in a warm car
  • Watching out for involuntary human food consumption, especially during the holidays when it may be harder to keep an eye out
  • Being aware of wasps and yellow jacket stings, especially at the end of the summer

Vaccination Reminders

Send a personalized email to your clients reminding them to schedule vaccination appointments for their pets. This email will vary from pet to pet, but the time it takes to customize and plan these emails is worth it. Maybe you’re already using a patient communication software to cut down on the time this takes. You could cut even more time by using Fetch, which keeps track of your customers and which patients need which services. Sending vaccination reminders will let your clients know that their pet’s health is your first priority.

Customized Emails Based on Pets’ Needs

Send emails about specific pet needs. The topics could range from specific care techniques to diseases to be aware of. These emails won’t be 100 percent customized, but you won’t send them out to everyone; you’ll send tips about birds to bird owners and tips about reptiles to reptile owners, for example. Your clients will learn how to better care for their pet, plus they’ll be reminded of how great you are.

These eight types of emails not only remind your clients that you’re there for them, but they’ll also help pets get the care they need between visits to your office. So start emailing! Contact fetch. today to start sending regular, interesting messages that keep your clients engaged and your patients in top condition. Your clients and their pets will thank you.

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