Owning Your Practice: How to Improve Workflow and Client Relations

We might not be able to “talk to the animals,” but that doesn’t mean you can get away with not knowing how to communicate with your clients. According to the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges, schools and CVMs alike are looking for applicants with strong communication skills. That’s because, as Karen Schuder, EdD, MDiv, MAM, writes, “Even in a profession focused on animals, the ability to communicate effectively is vital to client and staff relationships.”

Of course, this means more than just face-to-face discussion. Much of your interaction with clients will be done electronically, through voice, text, and email messages. If you have a practice management system (PMS), then you’re already familiar with these communications. However, you might not be communicating as effectively as you can. With the use of fetch., you can continue doing the most important work – taking excellent care of your patients – while fetch.analyzes and maintains your patient data to identify actionable health care opportunities, save you money by making clinic workflows more efficient, and using the “Voice of Authority” to set yourself apart.

Use data automation to your advantage.

There are pages and pages of data that come through your practice on a daily basis. This information can help you understand your clients—what they respond to in messaging—and identify missed opportunities to improve the health of your patients and increase client loyalty and potential revenue.

The fetch. platform takes this data coming through your practice each day and turns it into real insights for your business. Which of your patients are behind on their vaccinations? Who is overdue on parasite prevention or diagnostic testing? How many of your patients haven’t visited your practice in the last year – or longer? With fetch., you can quickly and easily identify opportunities to take immediate action to serve your patients and improve your business.

Beyond that, fetch. identifies actionable opportunities for continued loyalty and patient health; segments client and patient information to aid in tailored communication; provides key performance indicators at the practice, client, and patient level; and delivers easy to understand financial reporting for your practice.

Save time and money.

The Center for Health Workforce Studies reports that in “an efficient system, veterinarians minimize the amount of work they do that can instead be done by a person with less training.” Take a moment to consider how your employees are spending their time. Are they spending it one on one with clients and their pets? Hopefully; it’s what they studied and trained for, after all.

The fetch. platform aims to improve your clinic’s workflow efficiency by reducing overhead costs, such as staff time spent making phone calls. No one goes to school dreaming of writing emails or calling clients to remind them about appointments at the clinic. That’s why fetch. wants to free them to do what their passion led them to: caring for pets.

That’s not to mention the additional revenue from improving client loyalty. It’s no secret that it costs more to gain new customers than to retain old ones. What’s more, repeat customers are simply more valuable. As Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company reported, a 5 percent increase in customer retention leads to profits increasing by more than 25 percent. “Why? Return customers tend to buy more from a company over time.” Just think of how much better you could care for three old patients, which, in turn, helps you solidify the fiscal health of your practice.

Remember, YOU are the voice of authority.

If you were to call any one of your clients right now to talk to them about their pet’s health, would they stop and listen to you? Of course they would! You, as the veterinarian, are the authority in your community on pet health and well-being. You have the voice of authority, and with fetch., you can use it to educate your clients on the latest and greatest information in pet health.

We get it: it’s nearly impossible to reach out to every single one of your clients without at least a little help from automated communication. While other client communication products simply layer onto the existing PMS reminders – which are often outdated – fetch.accurately identifies real-time reminders and reaches out to 100% of your patient population! By utilizing the “Voice of the Vet” function of fetch., you can easily provide tailored and updated communication to your clients in the most powerful way possible: through your own voice!

By leveraging the power of data automation and your own voice as the leader of pet health in your community, you can begin to realize the breadth of opportunity that you can be missing out on and begin leveraging your messaging to drive business, both new and old, back into your practice. Contact us today to see how fetch.can help you improve patient care!

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